Borshchiv district is one of many in Ukraine, that has its own special technique of embroidery.

The black-stitch embroidery is known not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.

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Ukrainian embroidery is the unique art of Ukrainian nation.

It carries with itself our old culture and history.

Borshchiv embroidered possess an important page important page in the culture of contemporary Ukrainian embroidery.

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Here is an example of a Borschiv shirt that was embroidered in the 1920s in Dnistrove (Borshchiv district), and near there is its exact copy, details of which can be found here.

There is a legend as to why most of Borschiv embroidery is black-stitched.

In one of the villages on Borshchiv territory Tatars attacked and raided the village and killed all the men except one girl.

She bequeathed the next 20 generations an embroidered shirt with black thread, in memory of the villagers. During this time many shirts embroidered with black thread were made, but unfortunately not all of them survived to our time.

There are far less original old embroidered shirts, but the question “where to buy a shirt Borschiv district” has an answer.

You can choose yourself a decent copy of old shirts.

Though, not all of them are black-stitched.

Borshchiv district rich in inflorescence flowers and ornaments.

Here is an example of a shirt embroided 1950 (Schuparka village, Borshchiv area). The Embroidery shop FOBERINI offers its exact copy.

Here you can examine its details.

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