Successful and independent by FOBERINI: Timur Miroshnichenko

Eurovision presenter Timur Miroshnichenko wore embroidered FOBERINI and in a soulful interview told about the peculiarities of work on Ukrainian television and shared the details of the preparations for the show.

You have an aviation education. How did you become presenter of Eurovision?

Even at university I actively participated in university festivals. When I was on the 2nd course, we performed at a big concert in honor of the 70th anniversary of my university. Now, looking back, I think that, probably, that was fate. The director of that concert was my first leader on television. He approached me after the concert, and asked if I would like to work on television. He called me back only in a year, but since then I work on the same TV channel. He also became my guide to Eurovision.

Timur Miroshnichenko FOBERINI

Remember your first live broadcast.

I remember it very well. It was 2005, a youth talk show on the First National, it was called “Studio 5″. Then it was very popular. It was 40 minutes of live broadcast, and he flew for me at lightning speed, I did not even notice how it passed and did not worry at all. But the second broadcast for me was like a second jump with a parachute. If you are afraid at the first jump, but you do not know how it is. And the second time you already know what awaits you. A few years later, I revised my first broadcasts, and I thought that in the place of my first superiors, I would not take myself on such a serious project (laughs). Therefore I am very grateful to them for believing in me and for giving me a chance.

Timur Miroshnichenko FOBERINI

You have been working on the same TV channel for 12 years. What is the secret of such fidelity?

First of all, this is Eurovision. It is a unique project, which completely belongs to the First National Channel. Eurovision is like a drug that causes lightning addiction. To understand this, you need to go inside this process.

What does the host feel when he becomes the face of his country at the most prestigious music competition in Europe?

Probably, I will not be original. First of all, it is a colossal responsibility, for me it was very important not to let down your country. It was very difficult, but at the same time, it’s very cool and these emotions are indescribable.

Timur Miroshnichenko FOBERINI

What was most memorable from the preparations for Eurovision 2017?

The whole process. It is very difficult to single out something. The last 4 months we with Vova Ostapchuk and Sasha Skichko prepared daily. Rehearsals, choreography, English. Last month, we literally lived in the ICC. We worked with top professionals in different spheres of the world scale. These people for many years are engaged in creating the best shows in the world – Eurovision, Olympic Games, Nobel Prizes, Champions League, etc. This is a colossal experience.

Timur Miroshnichenko FOBERINI

At what point you can see the winner of Eurovision Song Contest?

Each time in different ways. All songs of the contest participants must be new. Nevertheless, there are such songs that even appearing a couple of months before Eurovision have time to become hits. So it was with Laurin, when “Eupforia” just sounded, it became clear that she would win and there was no point in fighting with her. This year at the rehearsals it was interesting to see how during the performances of the participants the others are dancing, hanging out or doing their own things, but when Salvador started singing, everyone froze and just flew away for these three minutes.

Who was your fawourite participant at Eurovision this year?

This year I did not manage to choose one favorite for myself. When you are directly involved in the Eurovision process, everything is perceived in a totally different way. In addition, during the preparation and rehearsals we manage to make friends with the participants so much that we almost become like relatives (laughs). Of course, with the Sunstroke Project from Moldova we are friends since 2010 with our first acquaintance at Eurovision. I support them in any case. In addition, they had a very cool soundtrack, which became a dance hit.

Timur Miroshnichenko FOBERINI

What do you think, why did Ukraine take such a low position this year at Eurovision?

Still, Rock is a bit alien direction for Eurovision. For all the years of my work at Eurovision there were only 2 or 3 rock compositions that were in the top of the competition. And that the composition in this style won or took a leading position, it should be something ultra-cool or absolutely contrasting compared to other contestants, as was the case with Lordi.

Remember your emotions after Jamala’s victory at Eurovision.

Then for the first time a new voting system was launched. It allowed to keep the winner’s name intriguing until the very last second. The victory of Ukraine caused even more inexpressible emotions. The guys immediately followed me and took me to Jamal to take an interview (this is a kind of gift from the European Broadcasting Union to the Eurovision commentators of the winner country. They are given the right to the first exclusive interview). While I was walking from the commentary to the stage, it seemed like an eternity to me. All around congratulated, in my head a lot of thoughts, of course, excitement. I did not even prepare for the interview – I stopped doing it after Verka Serduchka and Ani Lorak, who were as close to the victory as possible in their time. Just then, for the first time, we installed the camera Go-pro in the commentary and conducted a live broadcast on youtube. So my reaction can be seen on the video (laughs). These emotions I would gladly survived again, so that all the hope for our artists.

What is the image of Ukraine thanks to Eurovision 2017?

First of all, it is the image of our country. This was the best advertisement of Ukraine at the time of the Euro 2012. In the interval between these events in the world’s mass media, mostly talked only about the revolution and the war in Ukraine. At that, before Eurovision 2017 throughout the year there was a lot of negative about our country. And after – there was nothing wrong with the world press. A few months before the Eurovision this year, the British edition of The Sun released a huge article – the rating of the most dangerous places on the planet Earth. Ukraine and Kiev in particular were in the top. Being a foreigner and reading this article, I would never have come to Kiev in my life. After the release of this article, the PR-department of Eurovision in Ukraine brought journalists of this publication to our capital and arranged an excursion around the city. This tabloid did not give a refutation. But a couple of months later, on the eve of Eurovision, they released a huge article, in which they showed real Kiev, with sympathetic people and blossoming streets. Even now, 3 months after the Eurovision, in Kiev and other cities on the streets full of foreigners. Odessa, Lviv are packed with foreign tourists. Now we will be visited and we need to get used to this and develop.

Timur Miroshnichenko FOBERINI

What brings the greatest pleasure in your work?

Probably, the energy exchange that takes place between you and the viewer. On the other hand, this is the most difficult, because you give a lot of energy and emotions. Sometimes after the show or big events I come home and fall dead.


Timur Miroshnichenko FOBERINI

What do you recommend to those who want to become a TV presenter?

To understand for yourself that this is a profession that requires from you not even 100, but 200% of the return. It will require you to constantly work on yourself, constant payback, effort and will have to sacrifice much.

What inspires you?

Life itself. But most of all – the sea, the ocean. I’m Fish on the zodiac sign – probably, that’s why I’m always drawn to the water expanses. I can just sit for hours and watch the sea.

Prodicer: Ekaterina Zemlyanaya

PH: Alexander Gurman

Embroidery FOBERINI: “Motherland”, “Obereg”

MUA: Beauty Salon New Look

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