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The frontman of the group “Antytila ” Taras Topol in an interview for FOBERINI spoke about the values, creativity and ambitious plans for Ukrainian show business.

What inspired you to connect your life with music?

At the age of 6 I saw a performance of a symphony orchestra on TV. I immediately asked my parents to take me to the music “To learn how to play like that uncle.” That uncle played the violin (laughs). From that moment I devoted 10 years of life to the violin school and everything that came from there – solfeggio, musical literature. In the orchestra, I did not go, the classic in me did not get accustomed (laughs). But the love of music and the decision to devote oneself to it have not gone anywhere.


What projects are you currently working on?

We are now actively preparing new releases for the autumn. By the spring we plan to release 2-3 songs with clips. It will be a completely new material, which will be the first swallow in our preparation for the future big tour.

Tell us about your tour of the USA and Canada. How did everything go?

This was our first trip of such magnitude. Basically, our audience was the Ukrainians of America, because all our repertoire is in Ukrainian. In addition to concerts, the process of travel was interesting. For example, in Minneapolis from New York, we arrived by train. Americans have practically become unaccustomed to using trains, and for many it was a surprise that Antytila should be met at the railway station, and not at the airport. In fact, this step was dictated by logistics and technical issues, but for myself, I realized that this would be the best opportunity to see the real America. We went by train and saw the nature, how Americans live not only in megacities, but also small towns. It’s cool to observe the contrast and realize the scale of the country.


How did the situation in Ukraine affect your work?

Influenced and very much. After some point, we just stoped making music. And this period lasted almost a year, when we constantly traveled to the East.

What will be the Antytila in 5 years?

Antytila in priority are not a commercial component, but creativity. I hope it will always be so. Our tour “The Sun” showed that we are ready to try to enter the stadiums.

What is missing in our domestic show business?

Much is not enough. But the growth, compared to what was 4 years ago, is huge. We lack the first ability to value our own. We all somehow got used to treating our people as something of lesser value. I personally translate from myself that you need to appreciate and support all of ours. From language to artists, scientists, athletes. It is necessary to create a trend of the Ukrainian, then a new generation of 10 years will easily associate itself with Ukraine. We now live in a difficult period for the country, and I would very much like to see the Ukrainian “Antytila” left in history a weighty ideological and musical follows.


What do you recommend to those who want to associate themselves with music?

For beginners, I would first of all advise you to understand the basic things. There is creativity, and there is show business. There is art, and there is commerce. And you need to clearly understand for yourself what your goal is. Many artists often run counter to the show business market and can not monetize their creativity. But Antytila try to balance. For example, despite the entertaining nature of many songs, our work contains a social component. We have our own way. Therefore, my advice is to find a middle ground for yourself.

Share the recipe for success.

I always believe in what I do, in my work. In general, I’m lazy. And laziness is a natural mechanism that serves people to induce you to do what you really can. When a person, as they say, in his place, devotes himself to the vocation of all life, then laziness disappears, and this means that the choice is right. There are people who all their lives suppress a sense of healthy laziness and devote themselves to occupations that never bring pleasure to them. I believe that it is a tragedy – to do all life that does not bring happiness. I thank God that I’m successful in my favorite business, and it benefits others and it’s not just my job, it’s my hobby. And the secret of success is my team. Without my friends and colleagues in the case, Antibodies would not have reached the level on which it is now.


What helps you cope with the difficulties?

Parents have brought me up simply. That’s why I try to behave myself without a pathos. This is probably the one that gave me the strength to go through life’s difficulties – to perceive the situation easier.

How in your stellar family do you and Alyosha influence each other’s creativity?

We advise, I occasionally invite Alyosha to the studio, sometimes I start listening to new tracks. We can discuss some ideas in the kitchen at home, but everyone does their job individually.

What are the main traditions in your family?

When we do not go on tour with Alyosha, we definitely spend time with our children. Especially the evening – we have dinner together, we read children for the night and put them to sleep. It is important to adhere to certain family traditions and to remain sincere in relationships.


What inspires you?

I am inspired by family, children, travel and, of course, performances on stage. Sometimes news.

How will you celebrate the Independence Day of Ukraine?

Independence Day will be celebrated on stage in Ivano-Frankivsk, along with thousands of francs from the stage and millions of Ukrainian throughout the country!

Source: VOGUE.UA

Producer: Ekaterina Zemlyanaya

Photo: Alexander Gurman

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