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Own shirt is closer to the body, or how to remain faithful to the native cinema, in a candid interview with actor of theater and cinema Ostap Stupka for FOBERINI

What inspired you to become an actor? Did you want to follow in the footsteps of your father?

This was a subconscious desire since childhood, then this desire grew into an informed choice. My father did not even know that I was going to act in the theater. Already in the process of receiving Boris Stavitsky, who was gaining a course told that news to my father. Then in the theater, they were with my father in a dressing room. He said: “Your son has already passed a commission to enter the theater institute.”


How did you cope with the label “Son of a great actor”?

You can not escape from comparison. Especially in student days, as soon as someone learned who my father was, “Wow!” Sounded right away. I am convinced that every person has his own way, and in the end, through working on oneself, you become a separate creative unit. If you belong to a creative dynasty, the period of comparison is inevitable.

They say that success is 10% of talent, the remaining 90% is work and work on oneself. Do you agree with this?

In acting, both talent and fortune count a lot. There are times when you get a cool role with luck. But this does not mean that we have to wait for the case. You need to improve, work on yourself every day.

Remember your first role. What feelings were experienced?

My first role was in my childhood. My mother was ballerina and she took me on tour to the Odessa Opera Theater. In Andrei Petrov’s ballet “The Creation of the World”, I was given a very important role – the role of a lamb (laughs). I remember standing on the stage, I saw a full hall and counted the necessary number of bars to myself. I still remember these emotions.

What role do you dream of playing in the movies?

The main one (laughs). I would like to play a historical role. Something from the history of Ukraine.


What inspires you?

Music. I collect vinyl records. Now switched to blues. Although, I’m mainly a rock and roll man. In my childhood, at one time I dreamed of becoming a rock musician.

Do you go to the movies? What is your favorite film?

I do, mostly to horror or thrillers. I have a lot of favorite films. I love Hitchcock, Alan Parker, Peter Greenaway, especially the movie “The cook, Thief, His Wife and Her Lover.” I love the old black and white cinema.

What does a talented actor feel that watches films like “The Blonde in the Law” appear in the world’s rental?

Feels “That the world goes to the end” (laughs). This is mainstream. Cinema is a business and that there was money for a new cinema, you need to shoot something that will become a cash register for the ordinary modern spectator. Therefore, the mainstream is needed to make money to shoot high-quality pictures in all senses. Including festival. Nevertheless, I am convinced that in every genre there is a good movie.


Tell us about which projects are you currently working on?

Now I’m doing a series in Poland. It has been doing for 14 years! It is called “On Vspulna”. Seven years after the production of the first series, a special film studio was built near Warsaw. They shoot only this picture. As for the theater, now I’m preparing a play by Heinrich Von Kleist “The Broken Pitcher”. This German author has never been put in Ukraine. So on November 17-18 I invite everyone to the premiere.

What is more difficult for you – filming a movie or performing in a theater? What do you prefer?

In the cinema and the theater are different. For example, the first day of filming can shoot the scene, which is in the final of the film. And you, having not yet experienced the whole role, must play the last emotion. The camera fixes this, and you will not change anything. In the theater the same episode, the same text, you can play with a different emotion at each performance. It’s like two completely different planets. Therefore, I will answer your question with the words of my father – a quote from Karpenka-Kary’s play: “I have two souls. They both hurt. “

Where does the Ukrainian actor earn more – in the cinema or in the theater?

Of course, in the movies.

How has the situation with Ukrainian cinema changed in recent years?

Festival films ere shotting with success. Joint production with the West opens the way to Western film festivals. As, for example, the film co-written with the Slovaks “On inter”. There were filmed many of our artists, Stas Baklan, Rimma Zyubina. Recently this film was presented at the film festival in Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic. Now I was shooting together with the Italian colleagues of the comedy “Izy”, it got into the competition of the film festival in Locarno. Ukraine  is presented and recognizable in foreign film festivals.


What is the image of Ukrainian cinema abroad?

It is too early to talk about the image, we still have to make films that will be released into the world cinema distribution. While the audience of Ukrainian cinema is the diaspora.

What is missing in Ukrainian cinema?

Finance. Everything is very simple. Ukraine is very rich in talents, all the professions necessary for shooting a quality product we have. Not enough investment. On the money allocated by the government, you will not go far and need financial injections of private companies. I believe that Ukraine, in order to become a cinematic country, should focus on historical films. The era of Ivan Mazepa, Bogdan Khmelnitsky. This should be a high-quality, informational film that will show the world the real Ukraine and its history. Also a very important program for the development of cinema.

What would you recommend to those who want to become an actor? 

Read books, watch quality movies, go to the theater, develop yourself! Read biographical literature about artists, directors. Everyone has their own recipe for success. I advise you work. And also – never stop at moments of failure. Remember that by gathering strength into your fist and concentrating, you can achieve your goal.


Is it possible to become an actor by meeting a producer on the street? Or is acting necessary?

I’m still convinced that talent is not enough and you need to be a professional in your field. When entering a theater university, you can try to learn something that is simply impossible to get by nature and subtract from books. But everything can be. Of course, there are a lot of cases when amateurs of fortune came to the cinema for non-professionals. The main thing is that the producer who stopped you on the street did not turn out to be a swindler (laughs).

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

My children. All the rest is vanity. Children are the best that people can do in life.

How to instill love for the Motherland to children?

I was taught from childhood to go to museums, read books, listen to music. I grew up in two theaters – the Lviv Opera and the Theater of Maria Zankovetskaya. Perhaps, it is easier to understand fore people like me, where and in what country we were born, what we must do for our homeland in the social and professional sphere. Therefore, I am convinced that in the first place you need to teach your children about the culture of your country.


What would you like to wish cinematic Ukraine for Independence Day?

I am convinced that cinema is the ideology of the country. And only then – business. Therefore, I want to wish the plan for the development of cinema, new investors. Our nation is very rich in talents, Ukraine has all prerequisites for the development of the film industry.

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Photo: Alexander Hurman

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