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In the past – a journalist, now – a politician. In honor of the Independence Day of Ukraine,  Mustafa Nayem told how to achieve success in the team in exclusive interview 

Journalism, politics. Who is Mustafa Nayem? Still more a politician or a journalist?

Now a politician.

A new period in the history of Ukraine began with you that. How is it to bear such a burden of responsibility?

I do not want to ascribe myself more than it really was. But, obviously, the events of the Maidan have left a big imprint – at some point you understand that you can not turn around, be disappointed and go in for your own business. Including, because those who stood on the Maidan were others who believed. And I do not think that we have the right to get tired and lose our hands. At times it is very pressing, brings to depressive thoughts, but also obliges to correspond and motivates.


What do you consider your greatest achievement?

I would like to think that we have all the best achievements in future. Now it is too early to put some points and draw a line. I think, at the moment, my greatest achievement is people who trust me. I am sincerely, although modestly proud, that for almost 12 years of work in the public sphere I have not lost the trust of those whose opinion is valuable to me. This advance is expensive, it must be justified.

What is the purpose of Mustafa Nayem? What is he striving for?

At different times there have different goals. Specifically, now I would like to become that person who will lead to Ukrainian politics a new generation – tens of thousands of people of our age who are already ready to take responsibility, but because of the resistance of the system are still observers.


Tell us, what social projects do you support now?

Now my focus has three big directions. The most important and most responsible, to which the lion’s share of efforts is directed, is the creation of a team of people who will be able to take responsibility and become leaders in their regions. Now this project has just started to get on its feet, and we will soon talk about it. And in the public sector, my team is leading the Go Global project to popularize the English language teaching for our schoolchildren and Go East, a large project aimed at reintegrating the eastern regions through assistance and assistance to civil society in the controlled territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

How to become a politician whom the people love?

Probably, this happens only in myths. There are no politicians who are loved by everyone, and even during life. I would say that politics is more about trusting than about loving. Obviously, the simplest answer is not to deceive, not to promise what you can not, and the promised to bring to the end. But trust is a fragile thing, it is much easier to destroy than to build, and there are no schools where one would teach how to not make mistakes in politics. Therefore, I would say this: to verify my inner courage and try to find the strength to speak the truth even when it is inconvenient.


Of course, we are subscribed to your account in Instagram. Why are all photos black and white?

Almost all (laughs). Nothing special, just such a perception now. This is not about depression, but rather about form – I really love photography, and it is common knowledge that a black and white photo conveys the essence and atmosphere more than the color one.

Share your recipe for success

Probably, not indifferent. Everything else comes. Although now it seems to me extremely critical to have a team of like-minded people who are ready to work together to achieve results in spite of everything. It so happened that we are a generation of singles and try to play the samurai, and this does not work anymore. I think if the teams were able to gather at least ten percent of those who are currently working in the socio-political sector, the country would change very quickly.


What do you recommend to those people who are still looking for themselves?

Do not be afraid of mistakes, do not be afraid to try. Do what you like and do not be too lazy to put emotions and strength into it. But most of all – do not be afraid to make a mistake and not be afraid to lose.

If you were in the beginning of the journey, how would you do? What would change?

I would like to get a law degree. And in general, more to learn and work with people. And I would start creating a team right after Maidan. That moment was missed, and now it is much more difficult to take the lead.


You are a brave person, but first of all you are a human. All people have weaknesses. Tell us about your little weaknesses.

There are a lot of them (laughs). Lack of discipline, periods of despondency. I love motorcycles, but this is hardly a weakness …

What motivates you?

Two things. The realization that I have the opportunity to give people more than many people of my generation. And the second is the result. When there is a beautiful idea, and you see a successful outcome, it is always very inspiring. The realization that in a common cause you can involve more and more people who see the results of their work is inspiring.

What makes you happy?

I think such moments are rare… I will be happy with the result, which will make me independent and will give an opportunity to build something big.

How will you celebrate the Independence Day of Ukraine?

There will be big gatherings of our regional structures, so I will spend this holiday together with the team.


What do you wish Ukraine for your birthday?

Believe in success, trust each other and not tire of defending their rights. Our people are very disappointed and very often do not believe in the best. From this unbelief there appears uncertainty in one’s own strengths and, as a consequence, envy and distrust towards one another. Without self-assured teams, we are doomed to flounder in the past. And without the readiness to defend ourselves, we run the risk of losing another generation. We must fight for every inch of freedom, rights, opportunities and control. Nobody just does not give anything to anyone.

Producer: Ekaterina Zemlyanaya

Photo: Alexander Gurman

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