Successful and independent by FOBERINI: Alexandra Kucherenko

About beauty and strength, about desire and action. Miss Ukraine 2016 Alexandra Kucherenko talked about attractiveness not only externally, but also inside with the brand FOBERINI.

Behind a beautiful appearance, something else must always be hidden. What is behind yours?

Purposefulness, diligence and perfectionism are those qualities that lead me to my dreams, goals and achievements. In any case, I’m determined to get the best result. I always believed that outer beauty is a reflection of the inner.


Do you agree with the statement that beauty is worth sacrifice? What sacrifices did your beauty cost?

I prefer another statement: beauty will save the world. Let her bring happiness, love, inspiration and goodness into our lives more than sacrifices in the name of appearance and envy. I am grateful to parents and nature for their beauty. In many respects it helps me and does not require any sacrifices in substitutions. It remains only to support it.

Share your beauty recipe.

A pledge of good appearance and well-being: healthy food, proper care, regular sports, full sleep. But my beauty recipe is not about make-up, diet and fitness. Real beauty comes from within. Therefore, it is important to develop as a person, to improve oneself, to think positively, to give good to all around and to feel happy from what you live.


Victory in Miss Ukraine is not only a status and gifts, but also a great social responsibility. What charitable and social projects did you do? What were the difficulties?

After winning the contest, I had a lot of charitable, social projects. After all, Miss Ukraine is an ambassador of good, the face of our country at the Miss World contest. With my charitable project, I went to Ukrainian orphanages, rehabilitation centers, boarding schools throughout the year. Together with the Miss Ukraine Committee, we held charity events, participated in charity auctions, collected and transferred money for complex child operations to the Heart Institute, visited the elderly in the Scene Veterans’ House, went to Avdeevka and helped poor large families. Difficulties arose more of a moral character. Disease, war, cruelty of life – it’s very painful to see people’s grief and every time it’s psychologically difficult for me to experience it with them. Helping someone, you always give away some part of yourself.

How did your character change after the victory in Miss Ukraine?

This year in the status of Miss Ukraine gave me an invaluable life experience. I think that I have become more sensible, responsible, kinder and more attentive to others.

What is it like to be the main recognized beauty of Ukraine and to represent your country on Miss World?

It is a great honor, pride and responsibility to be Miss Ukraine and represent our country on Miss World. Despite all the difficulties that were in the contest, I managed to tell and show the world that our nation is smart, beautiful and kind.


What is the key to winning the Miss Ukraine contest?

I never dreamed of winning a beauty contest. But the stars converged so that, even without being the winner of children’s, regional, university competitions, I became Miss Ukraine 2016. I think that my iron rule helped me to win this title: always be yourself, the way that is.

What was most memorable at the Miss World contest?

The moment with the miss of the world, which I will never forget, is the final of the talent contest, which I hit, having performed with my dance number. Then, among the named 10 finalist countries, to hear native “Ukraine” was for me a great happiness and pride.

What are you doing now? What projects are you working with?

Now I became the face of the social project “Mentoring”. Its essence lies in the fact that every person who really wants to help a child from an orphanage or boarding school can become for him a mentor – a friend who will help to deal with problems, socialize, find his way in life. I attend every signing of the memorandum in different cities of Ukraine, which allow this important and, in my own experience, the necessary project to take effect. Also now I’m participating in the project “Dancing with Zirkami” for 1 + 1. A true love of dancing led me to my dream – to this legendary show.

Beautiful go to the right, clever go to the left. How do you deal with this stereotype?

Around the title “Miss Ukraine” turns a lot of stereotypes. I like to destroy them. I like to watch, as my interlocutor with each new my word more and more eyes widen. From surprise, that I do not correspond to the settled image of “the silly beauty”.


Share your recipe for success. What role does beauty play in it?

A successful one will be one who works hard, strives, develops, burns with his work. The one who has become a professional, an irreplaceable person in his business. To achieve success, you need a goal, a strong desire to achieve it, hard work and luck. Beauty is also a success. But one is not enough – it is only the merit of nature, not of man.

Everyone has weaknesses. Tell us about your.

My weakness is dancing. From my childhood I gave all my strength, time, opportunities for training, master classes, performances. I can not live without movement, creative flight, incendiary music.

What is your strength?

My strength is my family. My family and friends who love me, support, surround with love and warmth.

What is your main life goal?

I think the main goal of each person is to find happiness. My happiness is in development: in the profession, in my personal life, in my favorite business.


What have you done for Ukraine?

I love Ukraine. This is my home, my native land. Here I feel comfortable and happy. All my victories are the victories of Ukraine. I believe that in the future there will be even more! I want to always live and work for the good of my country, help it with all my good deeds, charity projects that are useful for our society.

How do you like to celebrate the Independence Day of Ukraine?

On this day, I like to stroll in the beloved streets of our capital.

Source: VOGUE.UA

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Photo: Alexander Gurman

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