Today in our persistent rubric “Ukrainian embroidery” we share with you the embroidery schemes which are typical for the Zhytomyr region.The Zhytomyr region, according to the history data, belonged to West Polissya region. Women’s embroidered shirts were sewn there from homemade linen with puttings or only with sleeves that are sewn on a stem. Such embroidered shirts had wide racks and a large collar. The embroidered ornament on Zhytomyr shirts prevailed on the sleeves. The sleeves were being embroidered by monochromatic red color with addition of black one.

A geometrical ornament predominated on the west Polissya embroidery.

The ornament on the sleeves of these shirts fell flatly, coating all the canvas.

On the forearm the racks the ornament fell in a horizontal direction.You can buy a vyshyvanka with a Zhytomyr ornament in the Ukrainian embroidery store FOBERINI.

The Ukrainian embroidery of Zhytomyr region allows understanding that red and black were basic embroidery colors. If woman shirts were decorated liberally, the male ones were very reticient in the decorations. If we consider the holiday men’s shirts, they had a broad embroidered front shirt. The sleeves were gathered abundantly.

It has long been a tradition in Zhytomyr to decorate the embroidered shirts by patterned weaving. Under the influence of this element of decoration the «zanyzyvan’nja» sewing technique appeared. “Zanyzyvan’nja” is a sewing technique by which the embroidery thread runs through all the length of an ornament.

It is being embroidered by parallel stitches on the right to the left and then – in the reverse direction. In ancient times, the embroidery of Zhytomyr region was sewn by the “zavolikan’nja” technique. The technique “small cross” is also gaining popularity.

Ukrainian embroidery of Zhytomyr region shows that this area is doninated by simple ornaments, which are formed from the repetition of similar elements (diamonds, octagonal stars, broken lines, etc.). Especially popular was the embroidered motif “vosmyrozhka”

алена шипош (8)This is one of the most common motifs of Zhytomyr embroidery.

Usually it has 4, 6 or 8 pointed ends. In the diagrams of the West Polissya embroidery one can see as the rosettes alternate with rhombuses, circles, zigzags, crosses in the most diverse variations.

Ukrainian embroidery often includes bird ornaments, the Tree of Life.

All the geometrical motifs which were being embroidered on the Zhytomyr shirts made certain magic sense.

For example, an embroidered eight pointed star symbolizes the fulfillment of desires.

Embroidery has long been a talisman and carried a protection from evil forces.

The West Polissya geometrical ornaments formed embroidered edgings, which the masters placed along the centerline.

The free space between rhombuses was filled up with halves of other elements, thus forming perfect patterns.

FOBERINI embroidery shop uses authentic Ukrainian ornaments.

For example, the Zhytomyr region Ukrainian embroidery was realized in several vyshivanka dresses. You can buy a vyshyvanka with an authentic ornament on the pages of our store.


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