Very many Ukrainians dream to buy a shirt, but some of them intend to embroider a shirt by themselves.

To embroider a shirt you need first of all to find the right scheme.

Ukrainian embroidery has a different color so that to choose one scheme embroidery is very difficult. Today we share with you authentic Ukrainian schemes that are characteristic of Vinnytsia region.

Here you can download free embroidery cross-stitch schemes.

Vinnytsya region is rich in embroidery colors and techniques. The Vinnytsya embroideresses use “lowland” technique, cross-stitch embroidery, embroidery painting, flooring, grain terminals etc.

Embroideresses are fond of using different kinds of black, white and colored hemstitches.

The Vinnytsya embroidery schemes often include assistive technology of stitch performing: weld warned of needles as well as contour seams that frame and combine the separate elements of the composition.

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Ethnographers narrowly examine the features of national costumes of different regions of Ukraine.

Speaking of embroidery Vinnytsia region, the women’s embroidery is usually used to waist shirt with embroidered flowers on the sleeves and on the sleeves with embroidered flower binding on neckline.

Male embroidery of Vinnytsya region was with a yoke, under which along the breasts there were small folds – “falbanochky”.

On the men’s shirt collar, cuffs and sinus polychrome embroidery was present.

Schemes of embroidery of Vinnytsia region always United in itself almost all existing appliances and ornaments, but the main rule was that always has to be one dominating color.

Of course, any embroidery store offers embroidery for men and women for every taste, but, you see, hand-made embroidery is much sweeter to anyone’s heart than a bought one.

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