Too many Ukrainian women want to buy a shirt, but some of them decide to embroider a shirt by their own.

To embroider a shirt you must, first of all, choose the right scheme of embroidery.

Ukrainian embroidery is so colorful and diverse, that it’s quite hard to choose any one scheme of embroidery. Today, we share with you some authentic schemes, which are typical for Transcarpathia.

Here you can get free cross-stitch embroidery schemes.

The main features of the ornamental embroidery schemes of Transcarpathia can be called “zigzag”.

Preferably, all men’s and women’s embroidered  shirts had a zig zag decor.

But all the ornaments of Transcarpathia can be divided into 4 types.

Boyko embroidery.

Scheme embroidery of the Boyko region distinguished by the fact that the ornaments were more modest than in other regions.

Mostly, the ornament consisted of geometric shapes.

The Boyko embroidery was predominantly red, because it was believed that red protects man from misfortunes.

Hutsul embroidery.

Hutsul embroidery schemes are considered among the brightest ornaments of Ukraine.

Hutsuls have always decorated their embroidered shirts with rich-colored ornaments.

Mostly these were plant-geometric and animal designs.  Gutsul embroidery has a rich decoration and very bright colors.

Ukrainian embroidery of Lemko region

Circuit embroidery shirts of Lemko region are dropped from the geometric and floral motifs.

The peculiarity of these embroideries are delicate, small patterns.

The main colors are black, white and blue.

Hungarian embroidery.

For this type of embroidery patterns was typical floral design.

The main reasons were flowers tulips, carnations, roses and leaves grapes.

Very rarely there are geometric ornaments.

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