Today in our constant heading “Ukrainian embroidery” we share with you the schemes that are characteristic of Chernihiv region.

Chernihiv region, like any other, has the features embroidery on shirts. Ornaments and embroidery schemes of Chernihiv region always have very subtle embroidered stitches. Thus, embroidery looks as if it was embroidered with beads, not threads. Embroider with small stitches is a harsh work, so the Chernihiv region masters are constantly proud of their work.

The male and female embroidery of Chernihiv region has various ornaments, but, as in the Poltava region, here you can find white embroidery.

Considering scheme embroidery of Chernihiv region a clear distinction between plant and geometric ornaments is not seen – they are connected to the canvas, and make unusual patterns. Traditionally, the shirts are embroidered with white thread, with red or black spots.

Here you seeUkrainian embroidery that is characteristic of Chernihiv region.

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