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Ukrainian brand Foberini – is an inexhaustible source of ideas and inspiration

“The poetic word spoken in a happy wave in which one handy as gold coins without losing its value and the year, and the hundred years” – these wise words of Ivan Franko I would like to turn to another channel. Our traditions and our national dress as priceless national relics have not lost their deeper meaning and relevance even after a thousand years. Therefore please us new Ukrainian fashion company that not only create unique modern models with elements of embroidery, but also promote widely distribute them worldwide.

I first drew attention to the clothing brand FOBERINI over a year ago and was impressed by the exquisite beauty and purity of lines and harmonious combination of modern fashion with traditional Ukrainian embroidery.

“That’s what we need to every woman looked like a queen in a dress with Ukrainian elements” – the first thing that came to mind.

Today FOBERINI visiting the magazine “Ukrainian People”.

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– Alexandra, emerged as the idea of ​​creating a brand name?

– Now become very popular phrase: “Ukraine is open to the world.” Indeed, talk of Ukraine, in particular the qualitative changes taking place in our country. We also could not keep quiet (laughs).

The idea of ​​creating a brand FOBERINI there in 2014. Initially we wanted to create a really special Ukrainian product produced in Ukraine from Ukrainian raw materials and Ukrainian artists, that would have a meaningful national load was interesting world. We saw this idea a lot of potential. The rich heritage of Ukrainian culture and the desire to share with the world the unique traditions and history of our country became the basis for the birth of our brand.

Thus, in 2014, “born” FOBERINI. The approach to the choice of name was a conscious conceptual solution. We wanted to combine in one particular word and the warmth of a family circle and for Ukrainian sacred symbol – a talisman that is encoded in every authentic Ukrainian embroidered pattern. We wanted a name that would cause only a stable association with our brand name. So was the name FOBERINI. Stands as the guardian of the family: “F” means family – “family” and “oberi – “guardian.”

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How would you describe your style?

– Our style – a combination of tradition and modernity, a mixture of ethnics and latest fashion trends. Now this style is called boho-ethno-chic (boho-chic ethnic). The aesthetics of the brand is inspired by Ukrainian culture, because Rethinking and adapting Ukrainian national motives, we combine various elements of traditional Ukrainian clothes and authentic techniques with modern technology and trend color solutions.

Our ancestors were still those mods! After Ukraine geopolitical location at the crossroads of important trade routes from the west and east, the then Western and Oriental fashion trends influenced the Ukrainian national clothes, creating a kind of “meltingpot” and creating traditional Ukrainian style. Inspired by the amazing diversity of Ukrainian heritage costume, we create light modern neat image with natural materials. Ornaments, paintings and embroidery created by our designers and exclusively applied to the tissue. The entire cycle of clothing takes place in Ukraine – from the idea to its ultimate realization.

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What three words would you describe your style?

– Traditions, naturalness and modernity.

Tell our readers about leading designers Foberini? Who are they? How did you manage to unite and create such masterpieces of contemporary ethnic clothes?

– On the creation of the brand Foberini things every day a team of artists. Over one embodiment of the idea of ​​a designer working professionals – professionals. But combine them – this is a fair amount of work. In fact, corporate identity Foberini creates not a designer, a designer and product model and designer prints and designer of color. The task of our designers is to find a different approach to the target audience.

We believe that the success of any business – is primarily professionalism of the team as a whole and each member of the project in particular. So from the beginning we decided not to associate the brand with a particular person.

We strive to create clothing that their quality and design will talk about the brand louder than any prominent name designer. Ukrainian culture – this is really an inexhaustible source of ideas and inspiration. With such a rich historical heritage, our designers incorporate it into products FOBERINI.

Thus was born our clothes.

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What was the inspiration for entering the “world level”?

– Like any living organism, our brand is growing and developing. Having started its activities as a local brand, one day we realized that we felt cramped in the domestic market. We initially had a single order from abroad, Ukrainian showed our products to their friends and family in other countries or foreigners themselves were interested in our things, when they saw our clients. However, there was one case which was the trigger for the release of our activities on the global level.

Once we received a letter from the local girls from the OAU, in which it ordered 10 long dresses, embroidered shirts. We sent clothes and waiting for acknowledgment of receipt. Everything as usual. But when it got – we just were pleasantly shocked! She sent a letter of gratitude from the photos and videos of real party in Ukrainian style: she and her 10 sisters were dressed in our dress embroidered; Such a Ukrainian Party in the UAE. Since then we realized that Ukraine really interesting world and we just have to show not only Ukrainian, but also around the world the richness and uniqueness of Ukrainian culture. That this ambitious goal we have set ourselves.

Now our clothes are available not only on our website and showroom in Ukraine but also in multibrand boutiques in America, Canada, UAE, Israel, France and Belgium. We are not going to stop there. The success encourages us to move forward.

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– Fashion clothing – art or fashion industry?

– We started with art, but then realized that entered the fashion industry and we need to work in it by its rules. We wanted to give the Ukrainian consumer a quality product with semantic load. It is obvious that no part of art would not exist and the fashion industry, which in turn requires the development of art. If the idea is not recognized, then it fades.

– As Ukrainian designers to break into the world of high fashion?

– You would think that it might be easy given the current demand for Ukrainian brands in the world, supporting the promotion of Ukrainian exports from our government and the support of a large Ukrainian community abroad … but it’s not as easy as it seems. The world of high fashion will be unattainable for most Ukrainian designers, while they are not activated certain conditions. In our opinion, there are three components, the implementation of which provides appropriate opportunities.
• Developing mutually beneficial terms of cooperation with partners. Building relationships with business partners, you need to give the best conditions for cooperation. It should work known principle of “win-win”.
• Effective management of communication with customers and stakeholders. Need to share concepts such as work and business. All successful global fashion houses are as talented designers – creators and separate management team that puts the right task and determines the direction of the company.
• Quality. We do not say that absolutely all the Ukrainian clothing does not meet European and American standards. However, the majority of Ukrainian brands seeking to enter the global level, while not increasing the quality level of its products. Understanding the right balance of pricing and quality is the key to global interest barriers and fashioninfluencers.

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– Increasingly such famous brands as your targeted at elite of wealthy customers. Ukrainian fashion dresses for 2000 dollars you can often see the foreign stores. However, not every Ukrainian can afford to spend that kind of money on clothes. Do you plan to launch low-cost clothing line for regular customers?

– The price of any product is composed of many components. This cost, and management and conditions of sale. Price of our clothes are objective and reasonable. We clearly know our customers, the market and clearly understand that producing high quality clothes, continue to remain in this quality segment. Happy when Ukrainian buy our clothes, because, first of all, we started to create a collection for them. We are always trying to please our customers and the brand is in the range of excellent high quality dress in a different price range. We believe that anyone can pick up a product FOBERINI taste.

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– Do you plan to expand their activity output accessories, shoes or cosmetics; or collections of clothing, such as fine clothes?

– Since the inception of the brand, we are not trying to set a framework for development and creativity. Paradoxically, however, the increased demand for existing product prevents us from creating a new range (laughs). At this stage we are developing in a clearly defined direction, and by the way, in addition to modern embroidery and embroidered dresses we already have a collection of stylized clothing that also enjoys considerable demand.

Now, in the era of globalization, the world is changing rapidly and fashion – is no exception. We, like any powerful brand, flexibly respond to these changes, leaving the same recognizable code Foberini brand and high quality standards of our products. In fact, we are preparing many surprises for our customers. Very soon many new things will be on our website Follow our news and promise that you will be pleasantly surprised!

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Do you have any style icons? Who are they?

– For us it is important the people who inspire us to work and create our collections. First of all – Ukrainian women, girls – the heart and soul of our country. No wonder most beautiful Ukrainian women recognized in the world.

Which of your fellow Ukrainian designers you most likable and why?
– We always monitor the global fashion trends and trends, monitor both recognized authorities in the field of fashion, and with the young, especially by Ukrainian designers. Speaking about Ukrainian fashion industry, we love the elegant and refined collection of our fellow designer Ludmila Kislenko and Helen Holets.

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– What advice would you give to readers of the magazine “Ukrainian People”, who are in search of their ideal embroidered dresses (shirt)?

– When choosing embroidered most important – is to listen to themselves and to their internal feelings.
In our experience, the statistics often people buy the thing that liked them first. Why so? Because it is said, “they clung to the soul.” Criteria for choosing the ideal embroidery or embroidered dresses much. You can choose to style – focusing on the individual type of shape, you can – for the colors and the color type, because usually people intuitively sense what colors suited them.

We know one thing: Nobody has left us with no new clothes! We believe that the main thing – to feel comfortable in embroidery, in other words – to be in harmony with them. Any thing should complement, profitable emphasize the human figure and in any case does not obscure. We believe that when you see a “just one” shirt, you immediately understand it.

Embroidered clothing – a holiday. It’s Christmas, it’s Easter, it’s birthday, is any solemn day. It is a symbol of beauty and national identity of the Ukrainian people. And – this is our guardian.

Sincerely we wish the new FOBERINI ups and submission tremendous heights!


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