Silk dress “White Flower”

Silk dress FOBERINI
Silk dress FoberiniSilk dress FoberiniSilk dress FoberiniSilk dress FoberiniSilk dress FoberiniSilk dress Foberini

Silk dress “White Flower

Dress natural Italian silk blue with authentic Ukrainian ornament white. Dress “maxi” length, straight cut dresses, skirt slightly widened at the bottom. Neck dress decorated with a shallow cut, the edges of which is fastened a pair of white laces with silk tassels.

Sleeve length – “three-quarters”. The top of the sleeve is decorated using soft folds and the original circular cutout in the shoulder area. From the shoulder to the cuff of a sleeve has a cut. Included with the dress belt is provided, the ends of which are decorated with white silk tassels. On the front of the dress has a slit, the edges of which are covered with a special inlay general pattern. The length of the cut – to mid-thigh.

The symbolism of the ornament: Unique, architectural prints developed from the most popular vegetable ornaments among Ukrainian masters who often used such motifs as “periwinkle”, “lily”, “poppy”, “rose”, “hops”, “oak”, “snowball” etc. They demonstrate the rich diversity of the natural environment and have important symbolic value. Flowers of periwinkle, for example, represent the development, youth, energy, helping to achieve high goals. Lilies symbolize purity, chastity, maiden charm. Poppy flowers are considered magical, able to protect against every kind of evil. Rose is a symbol of passionate love. Among the variety of modern clothes we created a gown silk dress “White flower” print which is not only ornamental value, but also sacred.

Advantages: Natural Italian silk, author’s print.

Details: Long Belt with silk tassels at the ends; neck decorated with two strings with white tassels on the ends.

Ingredients: High quality 100% Italian silk.

Made in Ukraine

Volume98 cm104 cm110 cm116 cm
Length150 cm150 cm150 cm150 cm

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