Men’s Embroidered Shirt «Kozak»

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Men’s Embroidered Shirt «Kozak»

Men’s embroidered shirt sewn from high quality white linen. Embroidery carried black thread. Embroidered shirt has a zipper-buttons along their whole length and on the cuffs. Ideal both for classic trousers, and a pair of jeans.

The symbolism of the embroidery:  The pattern is based on the traditional embroidery of Khmelnitsky region. The grid, mesh, sieve – net and geometric floral ornaments – have the power of warding off evil spirits, separate good from evil. The “ladder” is closely associated with the “tree of life”. Ladder – the symbol of the human ascent to the summit of spirituality, to God, to the sky, for a better life. Diamond – a symbol of fertility, because it resembles the shape of a triangle, two, male and female. A diamond with a point in the middle is a symbol of sown fields, which was extremely important for our ancestors, mean wealth, abundance and prosperity. Square – a symbol of the magic number “four”, which means the matter. It symbolizes the four seasons, the four elements of the day, life cycles. According to the traditions of Ukrainian, embroidered eight-pointed star, or “Rouge” is a powerful talisman that protects against evil and failures and help in the implementation of desire, as well as “programs” to achieve their goals.
Advantages: Former Ukrainian ornament Khmelnitsky region.

Details: cross-stitch, button closure, classic cut shirt, turn-down collar, long sleeves, cuffs fastened with buttons.

Ingredients: 100% linen.

Made in Ukraine

Your Collar39 sm41 sm43 sm45 sm
Your Chest50 sm54 sm58 sm62 sm
Sleeve Length68 sm68 sm70 sm70 sm
Body Length78 sm78 sm80 sm80 sm

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