Embroidered dress “Bazhena”

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Ukrainian Vyshyvanka FOBERINIUkrainian Vyshyvanka FOBERINIUkrainian Vyshyvanka FOBERINIUkranian Vyshyvanka FOBERINIUkrainian Vyshyvanka FOBERINIUkrainian Vyshyvanka FOBERINI

Embroidered dress “Bazhena”

Embroidered orange linen dress FOBERINI with authentic Ukrainian ornament, made black and green threads. Long dresses, dresses trapezoidal cut, extended to the bottom. On the sides, embroidered dresses “Bajana” has shallow pockets, V-neck decorated with three pairs of two-color green tassels and fringe. Complete the dress are provided with two-colored tassels at the ends.

Symbols of embroidery: Main embroidery character – a water lily flower that keeps the secret of life. In flower embroidery integral part of the ornament is leaf and bud, that form an indissoluble trinity composition. In the laid lilies birth, development and continuity of life. Lily always associated with water, the ancient name of the flower – Krin having one root of the “well” because it was Lily was one of the main female characters. Lily – a symbol of girlish charm, cleanliness, beauty and innocence. Lily, according to legend, gave birth to Mother Earth with the goddess of water Dana.

Advantages: Hose type “raglan” in the forearm area decorated with embroidery and antique decorative techniques “Puhlyk.” Bottom free customized fit sleeves and neck dress adorned with embroidered cords.

Details: Embroidery cross, three pairs of expositions with tassels belt. Buttons on embroidered cuffs made from natural shells.

Ingredients: High quality 100% Ukrainian linen.

Made in Ukraine

Volume98 cm104 cm110 cm116 cm
Length140 cm140 cm145 cm145 cm

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