Dress-embroidery “Marta”


Dress-embroidery “Marta”

The designer “midi” dress-embroidery “Martha”. The neck is decorated with ties with tassels. Made from high quality 100% linen. The embroidery is made with pink and green threads along snow-white tissue. The cuffs on the sleeves are decorated with ruffles. Pockets in the side seams. The belt with brushes is in the complete set to a dress.

Symbols of embroidery: In the pattern elements of embroidery of Novobasan towel of Chernihiv region were used. The main symbol of embroidery is a rose – a symbol of purity, love, beauty and mercy. White color is the source of purity, holiness. Pink is a symbol of love and romance. Green is the color of plants, it is a symbol of spring and youth

Advantages: Authentic Ukrainian embroidery in Chernihiv region.

Details: The “midi” dress with authentic embroidery. Belt with tassels.

Composition: 100% linen.

*Measurements of finished itemXS-SS-MM-LL-XL
Bust98 cm104 cm110 cm116 cm
Weist92 cm96 cm104 cm110 cm
Hips108 cm116 cm124 cm132 cm
Length114 cm114 cm118 cm118 cm
Sleeve length50 cm50 cm52 cm52 cm

Made in Ukraine

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XS-S, S-M, M-L, L-XL

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