Designer embroidered blouse “Yaryna”

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Designer embroidered blouse “Yaryna”

Embroidery female white blouse with authentic Ukrainian ornament lime color on the sleeves. Used ancient Ukrainian art performance seams “Zbiranka” on the neck and “Pukhlik” on the sleeves. Neckline decorated with three pairs of brushes lime.

The symbolism of embroidery: embroidery main symbol – the Tree of Life. The Tree embodied people’s ideas about the infinity of the world and life. Flowers are considered symbols of human life occurring at the present time, the kidney is used to refer to the future of new generations, the fruits show business people, committed to the good of the world. Top tree usually has a central flower that symbolizes the inextinguishable fire of life. Peacocks – a firebird, which carry the development of solar energy, it is a bird of family happiness. Birds sit at the base of the tree and are arranged to each other heads. This arrangement symbolizes mutual love, intimacy, attraction.

Advantages: 100% natural linen , a traditional Ukrainian ornament and ancient performing art seams “Pukhlik” and “Zbiranka” made by hand.

Details: satin stitch embroidery. Button fastener along their whole length. Vintage machinery perform seams – handmade. Belt. Pockets. Buttons on embroidered cuffs are made of genuine Czech seashells.

Ingredients: Linen 100%.

Made in Ukraine

*Measurements of finished item XS-SS-MM-LL-XL
Sleeve length72727474

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