Nina Matvienko about Easter traditions and embroideries

Foberini is the Ukrainian brand of national clothes. Since 2014 the Foberini team has been comprehending old traditions in modern design, creating Ukrainian embroideries – and selling them in showrooms from America to the UAE. On the eve of Easter, the legendary Ukrainian singer Nina Matvienko tried on dresses-embroideries Foberini and told about her family values and Easter traditions.


About Easter traditions
We always attend the all-night service in the church, we defend passionate Thursday, taking out the shroud. After the birth of my youngest granddaughter Nina, Arsen and Tonya visit the all-night service in turn and take care of their daughter in turn. In the morning I set the holiday table.


Before we start eating, we read a prayer, wash our faces with holy water, into which a red Easter egg is dropped. This tradition was in our family when I was little.


About fasting and a festive dinner
During fasting, I try not to eat meat. But the most importantly, what I try to adhere to during this period is to be cleared morally. From bad words, bad thoughts.


On Easter we have a big table. It’s always different sausages, cold boiled pork, and necessarily holodec. Of course, the holy pasques, eggs (I paint them only in onion peel), I cook a knot. My mother-in-law bakes cheese grinder. By the way, according to Ukrainian traditions on the Easter table, there should be a cheese grinder, and not the Easter cake, usual  for us.


About the defenders of the Matviyenko family
The charms of our family are an icon, a prayer, holy water. We have many icons. One of them is the Intercession of the Holy Virgin (I was born on the Pokrov), also the Vladimir Icon – one of the first works of my son. But the main amulet in any family is peace in the house, mutual understanding and joy.


About the love to embroideries
I felt in love with embroideries many years ago, when became a soloist of the Choir named after G.G. Veryovki. We always performed in national costumes, but I did not yet have my embroidered shirt. Once I went to Reshetylovka in the Poltava region, and I bought my first embroidered shirt there. As I remember now – the canvas was so thin, even transparent, and the embroidery was white on white matherial.


When I tried on that embroidery, I felt how transformed. Therefore, I always choose embroideries very scrupulously: it is important for me not only that the ornament and color are to the face, but also that I feel comfortable in embroidery.


I travel a lot and notice that foreigners are very surprised at the variety of national clothes in our country. Each region of Ukraine has its own special pattern in embroidery, its colors. Abroad people often come up, ask permission to touch embroidery. Many people did not even know what Ukraine was like before – and through the embroidered and folk song got acquainted with our country.


About the upbringing of granddaughters
I have two granddaughters, and I try to take part in the education of both. The eldest, Ulyana, was brought up in her father’s house, she instilled in her more masculinity. The youngest, Nina, lives in my house and hears music every day. Everything is allowed to her! (Laughs) But each of them has a happy childhood, each surrounded by our attention.


I think the main principle of upbringing is only by example. You do not need to say anything – you need to do. Seeing our actions, our children take an example from us. It is practically impossible to raise in the new generation of youth those customs that were not adhered to in their families – for example, I have children brought up on an icon, authentic embroidery, on a Ukrainian folk song. Now I also upbring my grandchildren in the same way.


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