Natural aesthetics in design embroidered dresses Foberini

The new collection of brand Foberini leaves no doubt: designer embroidered dress – not just a fashionable piece of clothing modern woman. This is manuscript, which contains a hidden meaning.


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Natural colors – message, which can be easily traced variety of colors Ukrainian nature, and embroidered patterns, forming authentic ornament, carry information about the place of origin.

The important fact is that the brand creates a form filled with content, making it possible to go from a faceless mass production. The collection is inspired naturalness and full of desire to be closer to nature – versatile, one that attracts, fascinating.

The variety of colors will help you create your own unique way to express inner feelings and be in harmony with nature, even in a metropolis.

Inspired by the idea of ​​a new collection Foberini, we created a collage in which the colors of clothing identified with nature, returning us to the roots of Ukrainian culture and traditions.

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Source: L’Officiel Ukraine

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