While the Foberini team is preparing the location and embroideries for the photo shoot, the beauty salon is waiting for the heroine of the photosession. Exactly one year ago Alina Panyuta became the winner of one of the most popular projects on television – “Ukrainian Supermodel”. After the victory in the TV project, Alina was showered with proposals from leading Ukrainian designers. About how the life and career of the model changed, Alina Panyuta told the Foberini embroidery brand team in an interview.



The project has changed a lot. But the main thing after all is that I became more stress-resistant. The tests that we put on the project (height test, shooting with exotic animals and huge insects) made me stronger. At each stage I had to step over some of my phobias and I was internally hardened. Every time I wanted to fall and drop my hands, I turned back and knew how long I had traveled on the project and what I had achieved. After the project, any extreme shooting and unusual screenings for me are not difficult. And on the project I met a lot of interesting and successful people, with whom I work now. With some, we still communicate outside the cells.



I would advise young girls who want to develop in this area, first to make good snaps. Not necessarily studio. Such photos can be made even at home, on the phone, in an ordinary black swimsuit with a good light. And then send them to model agencies that will deal with you. I do not advise you to blindly lead to expensive courses, after which you are promised gold mountains and covers of world magazines. You just need to really assess your chances and work with proven professionals. When choosing a model agency you need to look not at what you are promised, but on what projects they are actually working on. Also I advise you to contact the girls-models that already are in this agency and talk with them (whether they go abroad, in what projects and projects they participate, with which agencies abroad they cooperate, whether they make shows at Fashion Week, etc.) . Many girls, choosing an agency, think that you need to go to the most sensational, the biggest and most popular. And if such an agency refuses, then no other will take you. In fact, now there are many agencies and just bookers that work independently. Such a person can become just an agent for the model and really engage in her career. With the model agency I was lucky – after winning the TV project “Supermodel in Ukrainian” I was offered a contract with Kmodels.



To all the girls who think if it’s worth to take part in the next season of the TV project, I would advise you to initially determine for yourself what you want from this show. As a rule, some girls go to the casting, justifying it with the desire for popularity, thousands of subscribers in social networks and that they are banally shown on TV. Only if you are really tuned to work the model, to career advancement, then this project is for you. In fact, participation in such a show is not as easy as it might seem at first glance.


I think it would be too trite to consider my biggest achievement as a victory in the project “Supermodel in Ukrainian” (laughs). I do not yet believe that I have achieved some achievements in my life and I am sure that everything is just ahead. But I think that my main achievement is that I never give up in spite of any difficulties in life. And I’m also a workaholic. And until I achieve something, I will not stop.



It is restraint and tactfulness. I’ve met models that express their discontent very openly and openly, and never hold back in conflict situations. I believe that in some moments it is better to remain silent, show your upbringing and restraint, than show your character and spoil relations with others. In the model, the main thing is the ability to work and not be indignant.


It’s simple. Healthy sleep, sports and proper nutrition. No konsiyler will fix bruises under the eyes as normal mode, proper food and sport. This is not only necessary for beauty, but also for health. If desired, this can be combined not only with the career of the model, but with any other. Everything is not as hard as it seems. The main thing is to accustom yourself. Proper nutrition should not be a diet, it should be your usual diet.


In ordinary life I go without make-up and heels. I’m so tired of all this at work, that sneakers and jeans have become my favorite clothes. Today she tried on her image in jeans with embroidery.



I can not say that I have an idol, but there are models that inspire me. First of all, it’s Alla Kostromycheva. She began her career at the age of 21. Many will think that it is very late, but, nevertheless, she was able to get higher education, build a successful career and at the same time create a family. She recently gave birth to a child and literally in half a year successfully returned to the podiums of New York and Milan. Therefore, Alla for me is a vivid example of how to combine work, education and personal life, not focusing on one thing. At the same time I know her personally, as a terrific person and a mad workaholic. From foreign models I really like Coco Roscha – the way she poses on the shooting. She even published the book “Study of Pose: 1,000 Poses by Coco Rocha”. I admire her works. Of the young models I really like Sarah Sampaio, Teyron Hill.


I do not set myself now specific goals like “open a week of fashion” or “withdraw for a magazine.” At the moment, my plans are to further develop in my favorite work, improve, travel, discover new countries, make money my favorite business. I enjoy not only my achievements, but also the process, for example, today – during the photo project in embroidered by Foberini.

On Alina Panyuta: embroidered “Blue Lily”, sarafan “White Sun”

MUA: Beauty Salon New Look

Flowers: Dom Pionov

Photo: Yana Bulanova

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