When people think of buying an embroidered shirt, first of all they pay attention to the beauty of the product, buy  an embroidered shirt has long been considered to be a powerful Ukrainian talisman, if you want it to bring the maximum benefit, choose an embroidered shirt in a right way. It is quite easy today to find an online shop of embroidered shirts. This type of shopping allows you to find all the necessary information about the product, staying at home. In addition, the embroidered clothing online shop offers you not only the embroidered shirts, but also the Ukrainian national costumes, plakhta-skirts, sashes, keptaryk (sleeveless woolen coat), Ukrainian national jewelry etc.

foberini-vyshivanka-4First, let’s divide all the ornaments into geometric (more ancient) and floral. Different ornaments were used in different regions of Ukraine. For example, on the left bank of Ukraine the floral ornaments were prevailing, and on the right bank a geometric pattern was more popular.

If you have decided to buy women’s embroidered shirts, then pay attention to the floral designs, and if men’s shirts – to geometrical ones. The strongest guard symbols for men are osmyrozhky (lattice of diamonds), all kinds of the sun signs, especially the diamond, which has rays. One of the strongest female symbols is “berehynya” (mythological woman character, who protects family). This is a female figure that raises her hands (appealing to the heaven). Another powerful talisman which is a female symbol looks like the X letter – the personification of the runes, symbolizing the harvest.

It is rather difficult to find embroidered shirts with male or female symbols only. After all, a man and a woman have long been considered to be one unit, like yin and yang.

You can buy an embroidered shirt in the embroidered clothing online store. Our manager will be happy to help you find the right ornament, and will answer all your questions.

Ukrainian embroidery is characterized by a universal symbol that fits both for men and women, children and elderly people. This is an embroidered eight-pointed star. It is the image of God the Creator and unified spirit. This symbol leads to balance and balance our vital energy. If you want to buy an embroidered shirt for a young girl or man, then pay your attention to diamond ornaments, alternation of embroidered direct and sidelong crosses. For boys and men it is nice to choose embroidered oak leaves, and for young girls – flowers as a symbol of purity and procreation. All kinds of berries and fruit (grapes, snowball) are suitable for older women and mothers.

Embroidered diamonds, divided into four parts by sidelong crosses, are believed to be the symbol of fertility. The dot (seed), which symbolized the sown field, was embroidered in each part of the diamond. Only just married couples were wearing embroidered shirts with such ornaments, because these symbols were considered to help improve the material welfare of the newly-formed family. Typically, these shirts were worn till the birth of children. Although such shirts were no longer used not in all parts of Ukraine, thus, in Transcarpathian region, these embroidered diamonds were unstitched and other symbols were embroidered there.

If you want to buy an embroidered shirt for an older person, try to avoid bright colors. In ancient times more subdued tones were preferable in Ukraine. In order to get the right colour, Ukrainians dyed threads in oak crust, buckwheat husk, or embroidered only in black or white thread. For older people experts in Ukrainian embroidery recommend to choose shirts, which are embroidered in black thread, because they symbolize preserving of vitality, which is becoming less with age.

Black and white embroidery has long been popular among people of solid age. Experts think that black and white ornaments are the most archaic. In the old days, they were performed following an unusual technique – nyzynka (got its name from the way of its implementation: cloth is embroidered at the wrong/back side and at the end we have two similar ornaments – on the front and wrong/back side). These patterns are called bicoloured. Black and white colours merge into one picture and flow smoothly into one another. By its power, the black colour absorbs the energy, and the white one, on the contrary, emits it. The main purpose of black and white embroidery is a struggle of two opposites – light and darkness, good and evil, positive and negative.

There is such a proverb in Ukraine: “Since men’s shirts started to be embroidered with flowers real men became extinct in Ukraine.” There is a grain of truth in this proverb. Experts in Ukrainian embroidery believe that there mustn’t be embroidered flowers on the men’s embroidered shirts. It is also believed that there mustn’t be “adult” symbols on the children’s embroidered shirts, especially those ones symbolizing fertility.

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