Spanish fashion blogger Conchi Cope opened a new season in embroidery by Foberini

With the beginning of the spring season, not only nature awakens, but also the desire to update the wardrobe of every fashionista. A vivid example of how to create a stylish look with embroidery for every day, showed in her photo session during a walk Conchi Cope – a popular Spanish blogger. In such way she opened the Ukrainian spring not only within our country, but also far abroad – in the streets of Spain, France, Portugal, the USA.


Boholo-chic is a style that has been keeping popularity among Hollywood stars for many seasons, in many respects has its roots in Ukrainian traditional costume. Classical Ukrainian embroidery has already established itself in the position of “Musthave a stylish wardrobe.” You can combine it in a variety of outfits – from casual – with jeans and shoes, to evening toilets. And very soon fashionable Ukrainians will open their season even more vividly with embroidered looks from Foberini.







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