Here is the ancient embroidery technique “Poltavs’ka satin-stitch”. Although this satin-stich is called Poltavska, it is wide-spread all over Ukraine.

техника вышивки

Poltavs’ka satin-stitch is embroidered with colored thread floss in two or three strands or with a twisted seam. This stitch is most often used in the patterns of floral ornament. The direction of stitches can be laid on the form of motive that means is the same as the direction of the veins of leaves or petals or be arranged in parallel or horizontal threads of fabric.

In order to fill any form of ornament, people lay a long stitch from outer sideline of one side of the picture to the contour of another side to make stitch lie close to fabric. The length of the stitch is usually approximately 3 cm. To adhere stitches close to the tissue, they are attached with some multiple oblique needle stitches putting the needle to the right of the laid thread. Later, next to stitch attachment another one is made and is attached to the previous one. So they continue to embroider until the form of ornament is getting full.

Stitches of this technique are embroidered from left to right and should be laid so tightly that no background fabric should be seen. Satin-stitch technique is convenient as you can make stitch 1-3 cm long, filling large plane of patterns’ elements. Not to detach such long stitch from the fabric, it is attached on its stop with the auxiliary diagonal stitch. It is performed in such a way: fixing thread with a loop or stitches, you make a long stitch. The needle is put in on the right in 1.5 cm and put out on the left 3-4 mm below the stitch. The working thread is extended. Then the needle is put diagonally in 5 or 6 mm above the stitch and led out near the beginning of the first stitch. All subsequent stitches are also made parallel to each other. 2-3 cm of stitch length allows you to make 2 or 3 auxiliary diagonal stitches. Satin-stitch will be nice if all paths of auxiliary stitches are made on the same level.

Having embroidered 10-15 parallel stitches of Poltavs`ka satin-stitch and so mastered the technique of it, you can start to embroider patterns.


Техника вышивки


In round colors the embroidery is started from the middle, stitches are placed in the same way as in bilateral stitch embroidery, in a circle, stitches of Poltavs’ka satin-stitch are placed as rays from the middle of the flower. To arrange the stitches forming the shape of a flower, in a circle, you have to make one long stitch, then one stitch that is shorter in 1-3 mm and a long stitch again. All stitches are attached on the top with auxiliary diagonal stitch. The leaves of Poltavs’ka satin-stitch are embroidered parallelly to each other.

If to embroider “Poltavs’ka satin-stitch” in several color tones, border of a color differs quite dramatically. In this case, the stitches should proceed from each other, t.i. lie in the same direction. For getting the relief outline, before the embroidery, you have to make additional floor on the drawing outline.

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