Brand Foberini produces a collection of clothes with embroidery Richelieu

The brand of designer embroideries Foberini  spoiles fashion space with a variety of authentic embroidery of various regions of Ukraine not the first season. This spring, in addition to the traditional embroideries for the brand, a collection with Richelieu embroidery comes into the light. Dresses, skirts and blouses of different shades are decorated with embroidery in the tone of the fabric.


“Richelieu” refers to the embroidery of the urban type. It originated in the Renaissance in the XIV century in Italy, widely spread in Central and Western Europe. Despite the Western European origin of this embroidery technique, the Foberini brand remains faithful to Ukrainian national traditions in motifs of embroidery. On the arms of the embroidery are depicted elements of the Tree of the family – an ancient Slavic symbol.



Despite the sophistication of embroidery, Foberini designers call bravely to combine such embroideries not only with elegant shoes and accessories, but also with jeans, low-shoes and other casual garments.



Model: the winner of the TV project “Supermodel in Ukrainian 2″ Alina Panyuta

Buy embroidery: Foberini “Total Red”

MUA: Salon New Look

PH: Yana Bulanova


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