About Us
About Us

FOBERINI is a brand with modern form and artistic content. Since 2014, the FOBERINI team comprehends ancient traditions in modern design and presenting them in showrooms on both sides of the equator.

Designers of the brand found inspiration for creating collections on their own land. Ukraine has its own uniqueness and rich cultural heritage. Embroidery is one of the main carriers and guides of the best traditions of folk art. The modern execution of embroidered motifs is not only a unique decor, but also has a deep meaning.

The main handwriting of the brand is craft production. For the manufacture of each product, an average of 6000 meters of thread and several weeks of rigorous labor are required. All models are handmade and complemented by traditional handmade techniques — "pykhlyky", "zbyranky", tassels and decorative seams. Every product of the brand is an art object, on the creation of which a whole team of masters is working.

In an age of conscious attitude towards nature a brand can't ignore it in it's production. Therefore, all materials of products have mainly natural composition. The using of linen, cotton and decorative adornment made of shells is a sign of high quality and the brand's inclusion in number of manufacturers that create responsible fashion. We believe that the world doesn't need more clothes. It needs a quality and conscious slow fashion.

The creators of the brand believe in style beyond time and continents. Natural fabrics, quality workmanship and artistic content will occupy flagship positions in responsible fashion. Femininity and environmental friendliness — this is the credo of FOBERINI.