Vyshyvanka “Total Red”

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Vyshyvanka “Total Red”

Vyshyvanka “Total Red” in red color, with embroidery Richelieu. Now “Richelieu” is considered the most refined and noble embroidery. This blouse will suit both adherents of the classics, and courageous girls who can combine elements from different styles of clothing. The neckline is decorated with two pairs of ties with tassels. Buttons on embroidered cuffs are made of natural shell.

Symbols of embroidery: In the blouse pattern elements of the Tree of the genus – the ancient Slavic symbol are used. In the old days the tree of the family was depicted on a wedding towel. Flowers and branches symbolized each of the family members. The lower branches symbolize the parents, the upper branches represent the daughters and sons. Flowers are considered to be symbols of human life that is currently occurring, reins are used to refer to future new generations, fruits show people’s deeds committed for the good of the World. Red means joy, cheerfulness, sun, and also love. In addition, our ancestors believed that red threads are the source of positive energy.

Advantages: high-quality natural flax, embroidery Richelieu.

Details: Embroidery Richelieu. Two pairs of ties with tassels, buttons made of natural shells. The stitching technique “Pukhlik” and “Ziranka” on the embroidery is made by hand.

Composition: 100% linen.

Made in Ukraine

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