Embroidered vyshyvanka
«Red rose»


 Embroidered vyshyvanka  “Red rose”

Beautiful red women’s vyshyvanka with old authentic pattern is made from high-quality natural linen. The ornament is taken from old Ukrainian embroidery schemes of Kiev region.  Old Ukrainian techniques are used: “zbyranka” stitches on the neck (an equal number of threads of the cloth is taken and tightened with a thread in the fold. Folds are knitted so that they lie tightly together. To achieve this, folds are tightened with one more thread just below the first one) and “pukhlyky” stitches (tiny gatherings) on the sleeves. Handmade.

The symbolism of embroidery: the embroidered roses is a symbol of beauty and love. Roses made the geometric pattern and mean not only flowers but  all stars in huge Universe. It brings harmony in your life.

Advantages: Ancient Ukrainian ornament. Old Ukrainian techniques of decorative stitches. Handmade.

Details: The sleeves and neck are fastened with Czech natural buttons from seashells.

The neck and the sleeves are decorated with handmade “zbyranka” and “pukhlyky” stitches.

Fabric: high quality linen.

Made in Ukraine.

*Measurements of finished item XS-SS-MM-LL-XL
Sleeve length72727474

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«Red rose»

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