Vyshyvanka “Kolosok”

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Vyshyvanka “Kolosok”

Vyshyvanka “Kolosok” by FOBERINI in milk color, with authentic Ukrainian ornament. Ancient pattern is made of pink, brown thread and thread of swamp color. The sleeves are complemented by flounces, which are tightened by tassels with fringe. Embroidery is made of fine natural linen, which will make it comfortable to feel even in the hottest summer season. Lush sleeves can be worn both tightened on the strings, and in a free direct form.

Symbols of embroidery: The main symbol in embroidery of vyshyvanka is Rozhanitsa. Rozhanitsa – Slavic female deities, companions of God of the Kind. This is one of the oldest and strongest Slavic talismans, the power of which passed through many centuries and exists today, helping many modern women. The charm of “Rozhanitsa” has a unique meaning, it is a symbol of fertility. It is a female symbol that is meant to help the future mother. Symbolizes the goddess of the earth, protects, gives happiness. The amulet brings a good share to parents and children, harmony and well-being to the family, women will be given a happy motherhood. His owner gives a strong health, the ability to quickly and happily manage the economy, reveals the culinary talent (which, no doubt there are in every woman, but many just sleep), as well as a talent for any female needlework. Among other things, the amulet gives its Mistress a strong intuition and a gift of foresight.

Advantages: Authentic embroidery, natural linen. Lush sleeves can be worn both tightened on the strings, and in a free direct form.

Details: Embroidery with a cross, tie with brushes, cut in the form of a tie with an open back.

Composition: 100% linen.

Volume98 cm104 cm110 cm116 cm
Length55 cm55 cm60 cm60 cm

ShoesAntonio Biaggi

Made in Ukraine

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