Embroidered dress “Bereginya”

Embroidered dress FOBERINI
Embroidered dress FOBERINIEmbroidered dress FOBERINIEmbroidered dress FOBERINIEmbroidered dress FOBERINIEmbroidered dress FOBERINIEmbroidered dress FOBERINI

Embroidered dress “Bereginya”

Red embroidered dress FOBERINI with authentic Ukrainian ornament. The floor length. The cut of the dress is trapezoidal, extended to the bottom. On the sides of the embroidered dress “Bereginya” has shallow pockets. The old Ukrainian techniques of seams (“Pukhliki” on the sleeves and “Zbiranka” on the neck) are used. Red is the symbol of joy, passion, love. Red dress will emphasize your femininity, sensuality and natural magnetism. According to the beliefs of our ancestors,  the black embroidery has the special meaning  – it helps in getting pregnant and protect against infertility.

The symbolism of embroidery:  The geometric ornament is the relationship between man and woman. It performs in the wedding towels. The diamond with the point in the middle is the symbol of sown fields, which were extremely important for our ancestors, meant wealth, abundance and prosperity. The chain of diamonds – the sign of  happy hunting, good luck, the sign of life, fertility. The man asked for luck from the Sky, the Sun and Earth and did spells for generous harvest in the fields . He repeated patterns for that purpose.

Cross is the symbol of the Sun, the Creator, the male principle and it  is also considered to be an obstacle and evil disgust. Square symbolizes the four seasons, the four parts of the day, the life cycles.

Advantages: The combination of Ukrainian traditions and trends.

Details: Cross stitch. Old Ukrainian techniques of stitches – handmade. Pockets. Two deep front sections. Belt.

Ingredients: High-quality linen.

Made in Ukraine.

Volume98 cm104 cm110 cm116 cm
Length140 cm140 cm145 cm145 cm

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