Embroidered skirt “Blue Lily”

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Embroidered skirt “Blue Lily”

Embroidered skirt “Blue Lily” is sky-blue colored, with authentic Ukrainian ornament of white color. Embroidery depicting lilies is made with a cross. The belt is decorated with embroideries in the form of rhombuses.

Symbols of embroidery: The main symbol of embroidery is the lily, which from ancient times personified the girl’s charm, purity and innocence. Stems, petals and flower buds symbolize the composition of the trinity: the birth, development and continuity of life. White color symbolizes the source of purity, innocence, holiness. Blue is the color of the sky and water. It is a symbol of purification, peace of mind and getting rid of diseases in the old days was considered a charm.

Advantages: high-quality natural linen, authentic pattern.

Details: Straight cut skirt, expanded to the bottom. Embroidery with a cross.

Composition: 100% linen.

Made in Ukraine

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