Embroidered dress “Red Rue”

Vyshyvanka Foberini

Embroidered dress “Red Rue”

Red embroidered dress “Red Rue” by Foberini has three-quarters of  length and is made of high quality linen.It’s embroidered with white threads, with authentic Ukrainian ornament. Red is joy, passion, love and happy. The cut of the dress is trapezoidal, extended to the bottom. The dress fastens along it’s whole length with buttons . The embroidered dress has shallow pockets on the sides.

The symbolism of embroidery:  The bird – the symbol of joy, beauty and happiness. The birds were depicted on the towels everywhere  in Ukraine. On the Left Bank the embroidered symbol  in the form of the two-headed eagle has been very spread . The eagle was the symbol of wisdom, God symbol. The pair of birds in embroidery promotes to the meeting with your partner and family well-being. Diamond – the symbol of fertility, rebirth of life; the diamonds’ chain means “Tree of life”. Rhombus with extended sides is crown of wooden houses. The cross – the symbol of nature, the four elements and it  is also considered to be obstacle and rejection of evil.

Advantages:  Embroidery is typical for traditional Ukrainian towel.

Details: Cross-stitch. The neck and sleeves are decorated with handmade techniques “Pukhliki” and “Zbiranka”. Belt. Pockets.  Buttons on the cuffs are from natural seashells.

Ingredients: High-quality linen.

Made in Ukraine.

Volume 98 cm104 cm110 cm116 cm
Length120 cm120 cm125 cm125 cm

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