Embroidered dress “Aurora”

Sale! Designer embroidery dress FOBERINI
Designer embroidery dress FOBERINIDesigner embroidery dress FOBERINIDesigner embroidery dress FOBERINIDesigner embroidery dress FOBERINIDesigner embroidery dress FOBERINIDesigner embroidery dress FOBERINI

Embroidered dress “Aurora”

FOBERINI embroidered dress with authentic Ukrainian ornament made of milky linen and embroidered with dear blue and blue threads. Long dress with trapezoidal cut, extended to the bottom. Sleeve type “raglan” in the forearm area decorated with embroidery and ancient artisanal drapery technique “Puhlyk”.  Sleeve cuffs in the area and the neck embroidered bomber.

There are shallow pockets on the sides of the embroidered dress, V-type neckline of the dress is decorated with three pairs of cut-twisted ties with tassels and the dress fastens with eight buttons. The dress belt has blue tassels on its ends.

The symbolism of embroidery: White color symbolizes innocence, purity, chastity, and blue color was considered by our ancestors once as the most powerful talisman, it symbolizes the sky and water, purification, freedom from illnesses and peace of mind.

Triangles, combined in the form of “hourglass” – when two triangles touching peaks, symbolizes the life dimensions, the world and anti-world. The triangle symbolizes the father, the mother and the child. This is a symbol of the divine Trinity, and the triangle vertex facing upwards is sunny and has a symbolism of life, fire, flame, a symbol of the male base of spirituality. It is also a trinity of love, truth, wisdom. Triangle, facing the top down, a symbol associated with the Moon, the female base, water symbolizes the Great Mother, the Goddess-Rozhanitsa. Diamond – a symbol of fertility, a common symbol of women’s foundations in nature.

Advantages: “Raglan” type sleeves in the forearm area are decorated with embroidery and antique artisanal decorative technique “Pukhlik”. The bottom of the sleeves and neckline are also manufactured using antique Ukrainian artisanal decorative technique “Zbiranka”.

Details: Cross stitch, three pairs of laces with tassels, belt. Buttons on embroidered cuffs are made of natural shells.

Ingredients: High-quality 100% Ukrainian linen.

Made in Ukraine.

Volume98 cm104 cm110 cm116 cm
Length140 cm140 cm145 cm145 cm

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