Dress-embroidery “Forest berry”


Dress-embroidery “Forest berry”

Dress-embroidery “Forest berry” plum color, with embroidery Richelieu. Now “Richelieu” is considered the most refined and noble embroidery. This dress will suit both adherents of the classics, and brave girls who can combine elements from different styles of clothing. Embroidery and tassels with fringe are made in lemon color, which in combination with a rich plum blossom makes the “Forest Berry” tunic a bright and unusual element of your wardrobe. Buttons on embroidered cuffs are made of natural shell. In the complete set to a dress – a belt with brushes.

The dress-embroidery “Forest berry” will be stylishly complemented both with shoes on a low stroke, and with shoes or sandals with heels. Has pockets in the side seams.

Symbols of embroidery: The main symbol of embroidery is the lily, which from ancient times personified the girl’s charm, purity, purity. Stems, petals and buds of flowers symbolize the composition of the trinity: the birth, development and continuity of life. The yellow color of the threads symbolizes the sun and heat, joy and wealth, intelligence and optimism.

Advantages: high-quality natural flax, embroidery Richelieu.

Details: Embroidery Richelieu. Two pairs of ties with tassels, buttons made of natural shells. The crocheted technique for making stitches “Pukhlik” and “Ziranka” on a tunic made by hand.

Shoes: Kachorovska Atelier

Ingredients: Linen 100%.

Made in Ukraine

Volume98 cm104 cm110 cm116 cm
Length90 cm90 cm95 cm95 cm

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