Embroidery “Honey”

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Embroidery “Honey”

Women’s orange embroidered shirt with authentic Ukrainian ornament, which is typical for Transcarpathia. Embroidered shirt “Honey” is sewed from high quality 100% linen.Embroidery is made of gray and white threads. The old Ukrainian techniques are used  – “Zbiranka” on the neck and “Pukhliki” on the sleeves. Orange means activity and well-developed creativity, emphasizes such qualities as vitality, sensuality, as well as openness and sociability.

The symbolism of embroidery:  Triangles, combined in the form of so-called “hourglass” – when two triangles touch with their tops, this is designation of life’s faces, the world /anti-world. The triangle symbolizes the father, the mother and child. This is  the symbol of the divine Trinity. The triangle with top facing upwards is sunny and has the symbolism of  life, fire, flame,  symbol of the male base, spirituality. It is also the trinity of love, truth, wisdom. Triangle, facing the top down, is the symbol associated with the Moon, the female base, water, it symbolizes the Great Mother, the Goddess-Rozhanitsy. Diamond – the symbol of fertility, the common symbol of women’s foundations in nature.

Advantages: Old ornament  of Transcarpathia. Old Ukrainian techniques of stitches – handmade.

Details: Embroidered  women’s shirt is decorated with cross-stitch embroidery, fastener buttons on the cuffs is made of natural shells, three pairs of laces are on the front of the shelf along the shirt.

Ingredients: High-quality linen.

Made in Ukraine.

*Measurements of finished item XS-SS-MM-LL-XL
Sleeve length72727474

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