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Expert Opinions

Yana Lytvyn (Ukrainian fashion designer)

“Vyshyvanka has become popular nowadays; almost every girl has got it in her wardrobe! You can wear embroidered shirts with jeans: tucking into jeans or loose – you will…  read more
Yana Lytvyn05 October 2014

Ksenia Derkach (Ukrainian fashion designer)

Over the past few years, Ukrainian women have started to use the secret of beauty and attractiveness of our grandmothers – embroidered shirts. An ornament of the… read more
Ksenia Derkach27 October 2014

Kristina Fatyanova (Ukrainian fashion designer)

An embroidered waistcoat “Autumn Fantasy” from FOBERINI gets into the fashion-view. A warm bright and cozy waistcoat is embroidered… read more
Kristina Fatyanova30 October 2014

Дизайнер Влада Назик

В первую очередь, когда мы выбираем верхнюю одежду, необходимо обратить внимание на фасон. Придерживаясь модных тенденций, не стоит забывать…
John Dow (webdeveloper)05 October 2013